Thursday, November 8, 2012

Into the Wild Blue Yonder

Hi everyone!! I'd like to first apologize for my absence from writing; it has certainly been a pretty crazy month for me! On October 10th, my boyfriend and I made the move from Wisconsin to California. We decided that driving all of our stuff out there was the cheapest option, so we both packed up our little cars to the brim and started on our journey. I've written some details below about each state that we drove through. All in all, it was a pretty good trip. We wanted to get to Cali as fast as possible, so we didn't do much stopping along the way (we're saving that for our way back). We did, however, see some amazing scenery.


Okay, not much to write about here. But, we did drive through Des Moines which looked like a pretty fun city! Luckily, our first day of driving went by pretty fast. I chalk it up to our excitement of getting on the road. We made a rest stop every 3 hours, which also made the drive seem to go by a little faster. 


We ended our first day of driving in Kearney, Nebraska, with not much to report on before that. Our second day started pretty early at 8 AM. After a few hours of driving we knew what it was like to be out in the open, in the middle of nowhere. But, it was a really cool feeling looking to the left and right of you and being able to see miles and miles of open land. 


We continued driving through Colorado on our second day, and finally reached some mountains! I've never been to Colorado before, and after driving through, I'm pretty sure it's my favorite state scenery wise. The mountains were insanely beautiful. I'll always remember driving around a big bend and seeing my first huge mountain. My jaw literally dropped. I was a very happy girl for the next few hours, driving up, down, and around these amazing hills. We ended our second day in Grand Junction. I can't wait to go back to Colorado and actually spend some time there!


Our third day started early again, and I wasn't sure what to expect out of Utah. I was pleasantly surprised! Although the mountains weren't as big or green as colorado, they were still beautiful. It was really fun for me to drive through, since I'm not used to constantly being surrounded by hills in the distance. We were able to stop pretty frequently, as there were many scenic view areas. Utah is where we took most of our roadtrip pictures, which I'll share below. 

Arizona & Nevada

We were able to drive through the northern-most tip of Arizona, which took us approximately 40 minutes, but I'm still including it in my list:) We ended the day in Las Vegas. It was so exciting to see the Strip from so many miles away! We stayed at the Stratosphere, and decided to reward ourselves with a buffet and tickets to David Copperfield that night. Note: The Stratosphere and the MGM are at completely opposite ends of the Strip. If you have tickets to a show at the MGM and are staying at the Stratosphere, DO NOT WALK THERE OR YOU WILL BE LATE. We made that mistake, even though we left AN HOUR AND A HALF before show time, not realizing that we had to walk THREE & 1/2 MILES. Regardless, we were only 5 minutes late and the show hadn't started yet (small victory), and we had a great time at the show!


We made it, we made it! After seeing the Welcome to California sign, I did a little happy dance. It had been a long four days, but we were beyond excited to start with the move in process!

Below are some pictures that we took in Utah. Enjoy!

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