Monday, July 2, 2012

The Art of Packing

Hello, and welcome to my first edition of The Art of Packing. I call this the first, because I'm referring to packing for trips ranging from an overnight to a couple weeks vacation. This won't apply to packing for a move, a long term study abroad trip, or any other trip lasting over a couple of months (That packing list will come later). Also, please keep in mind that I am a woman in my early twenties, and as my name suggests, I like to travel in style when possible. I am writing this for like-minded individuals, and/or for those who will appreciate the advice.

I like to think I am a pretty good packer (though I do not come close to my mom-the professional. Hi, Mom!) as I have had a good amount of experience. Unpacking is a completely different experience and I am terrible at that part (I still have an un-emptied suitcase from 2 weeks ago).

So, let's get started. I will first begin with overnight trips, as they are the most common, and easiest.

How to Pack for an Overnight Trip

My friends always laugh when I arrive for an overnight trip with my rolling suitcase in hand. "Why do you need a suitcase for one night?!" is usually the response I get. However, I always bring it, because for one, it fits everything, and two, it's always best to be prepared. That being said, here is a list of what I always pack in my suitcase (mind you, it's a small suitcase):

1. Toiletries bag with travel-sized toothpaste, shampoo & conditioner, deodorant, hairspray, lotion, floss, toothbrush with cap, brush, comb, Chapstick, sample sized perfume, hair ties, razor, bobby pins, Q tips, small pack of Kleenex, and nail polish. It's very easy to forget one of these things, and they all come in handy at some point.

2. The "Unmentionables" aka under-things of your choice. I always pack a pair of socks too even in the summer as you never know when cold feet may strike. Also, don't forget a strapless bra!!

3. The bottoms: One pair of dark jeans, one pair of jean shorts, one pair of colored shorts. This can obviously be changed depending on the season, but I'm writing this for warmer weather.

4. The tops: One going out top, one sweatshirt/zip up, one casual top.

5. I always pack one dress, either a going out dress or a summer dress depending on the occasion, and it doesn't take up much room.

6. Don't forget overnight clothes!! This has happened to me one too many times!

7. For shoes, I usually just pack a fancier going out shoe, as I'm usually already wearing some flip flops, and between the two, that's all you should need for a short trip.

8. The randoms: A clutch, eye mask (I am a very light sleeper), book (for car rides if needed), and a pillow if you can fit it. Usually I can, which is great because then you only have one thing to carry.

And voila! You are now done packing for your trip! Easy, huh? You're welcome. :) 

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