Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Best of the Northwoods-Leinenkugel Brewing Company

It's no surprise that great beer comes from Wisconsin, and one of the best breweries is located in the Northwoods of this state. While many breweries offer a great experience, I don't think there are any that offer quite as much as the Jacob Leinenkugel Brewing Company. 

Located in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, the Brewery has an interesting history. It all started in 1867 with business partners Jacob Leinenkugel and John Miller. When they started brewing, they had only themselves as employees, with Jacob doing the brewing and John delivering the beer by cart. In 1884 John sold his share to Jacob, and from then onward the brewery has been known as Leinenkugel's. Today, Jacob Leinenkugel's three great-great grandsons, Jake, Dick, and John are running the business, and it is better than ever! For more information about the history, visit their homepage or visit the brewery yourself!

Outside the Brewery

One of the many great things about Leinenkugel's is that a guided tour of the brewery is completely FREE! The whole tour takes about 30-45 minutes and really shows you the ins and outs of the brewing business. I'm not even a huge beer drinker, but I was able to leave with lots of new information. 

Secondly (and probably the best part), not only is the tour free but so are the samples! This very rarely happens in breweries. I opted to try Summer Shandy and Berry Weiss, which was my favorite. I haven't had a chance to go in the fall, but I've heard great things about their Oktoberfest and I may go back soon just to test it out!

Samples inside the Leinie Lodge

Autumn is the PERFECT time for a visit to the Midwest, and just as equally a great time to take some brewery tours. If you are in the area, the Leinenkugel's Brewery is a must see.

Photos by Jacob Leinenkugel Brewing Company

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